EIC Academy: Teaching Lifelong Success

EIC has had the pleasure of serving education across China, and we pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and serve potential students as best we can. For any who are looking at international education, we wish to be seen as the number one choice through our long-serving professional staff, variety of services, and internationally-recognized programs.

Our Solutions

Branding Strategy
To promote international exchange and a multi-media approach to brand influence.
Operation Management
To provide hardware planning and teaching materials selection and provide the local schools with quality teaching personnel.
Foreign Teacher Management
EIC provides full recruitment, training and ongoing management of qualified foreign personnel for all of our relevant education programs. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide support and avoid cultural clashes.
Academic Management
Ongoing training, observations and meetings are conducted and serve to ensure our teachers are challenged and providing the best they possibly can in their disciplines.
Employment Management
Opportunities for growth and goals are clearly provided for students to have clear guidance of their possible future careers.

Our Team


Academic Coordinator









Curriculum Overview

Language Courses

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS: College) curriculum is our most popular course, which offers students an excellent pathway to university study. It involves real-to-life assignments, exams, and progress tests to ensure students feel prepared for their next step studying academically overseas. Success in this course is not just limited to Australia, with other colleges around the world accepting results from this program. It is seen as a popular choice as an alternative to IELTS.