Our Leadership Team


Joe LI
Chairman & Founder

Joe Li is the CEO and founder of the EIC Group. Joe established the EIC business in 2000 in Guangzhou and has led the expansion of the office network across China in 20 main cities. As early as 1992 Joe became involved with international education participating in establishing the State owned Guangzhou Overseas Study Service Centre and worked at the Centre from 1997-2000 as Chief Consultant and then Deputy Director. Joe is a graduate of the Qinghua University Faculty of Architecture and a qualified architect.. His passion for education finally overcame his love of architecture in the late 1990s and he now focuses only on building a great education business. Joe leads the management team and continues to focus on core business growth, mergers and acquisitions and new business areas.

Tauriss LI
Vice President

Tauriss is one of the founders of the EIC Group and entered the international education industry in 1999. She has supported the growth of the business from the initial team of 10 to the current team of more than 2000 staff. Tauriss was instrumental in the development of our UK and European programs and has taken project management, marketing, international development, branch management roles within the business. Tauriss is a highly creative marketer taking the Group from a regional player to the leading national agency and major education brand in China. Tauriss has liaised extensively with our leading global university partners, the cultural and educational branches of governments and embassies and has actively contributed to industry forums. She currently focuses on company operations, developing strong management and compliance systems, and strengthening our capacity to deliver a great customer experience.