EIC Jinan

3/F, B Area, Office Building Xuefu Hotel,
No. 6 Qianfoshan Road,
China 250061

济南市千佛山路6号学府大酒店B区三楼 (邮编:250061)

Phone: +86 (531) 8296 0666
Fax: +86 (531) 8296 4947
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About Jinan

Jinan is the capital city of Shandong Province with a population of about 6.4 million. The province is the third affluent province in terms of GDP (ranks after Guangdong and Zhejiang Province), with a population of a hundred million (100,000,000). In Shandong Province, there are about 350 high schools with over 700,000 students enrolled. There are also 87 universities and colleges with 1.2 million students which makes the province one of the most important education markets in Northern China. Of the three key universities located in the province, Shandong University has over hundred years of history and offers comprehensive academic programs. Strong subject in the Shandong market includes Science, Arts, Finance and Commerce.Universities and colleges in Shandong has a quota of 380,000 students, however there are about 870,000 candidates for the spaces. Therefore, each year there are around 10,000 students seeking international education opportunities, hence the province possesses about 10% market share of the whole China international market.

EIC Jinan Office

Set up on June 28th 1997, and located in the capital of Shandong, EIC Jinan, previously named “Shandong Shanda Uni Education Exchange Co., Ltd” (SSUEE), was one of the first 68 licensed Overseas Education Agencies approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is affiliated to Shandong University (a national key university), and is the only IELTS Test Center in Jinan authorized by the British Council. EIC Jinan was established as a branch office in January 2006. The agency was one of the first legal overseas education service provider certified by Ministry of Education, the office is the only professional educational institution in Shandong Province which offers one-stop services including English training, IELTS training and overseas education. Besides, the office is authorized by Cultural and Education Section of British Embassy and by Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs respectively to be the IELTS exam center in Jinan City and the student eVisa application center in Jinan. It covers Shandong overseas education center, IELTS training center and IELTS exam center.