EIC Shenzhen

Room 1501-1509, Floor 15, Building A
International Chamber of Commerce Building
Fuhua 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
China 518048

深圳市福田区福华一路国际商会大厦A座1501-1509启德教育中心(邮编 518048)

Phone: +86 (0755)3333 0222
Fax:     +86 (755) 8293 1872
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About Shenzhen

Shenzhen has the highest GDP per person in Chinese cities and has been proved a highly potential market in Southern China. Shenzhen is called “the City of Migrants”, with a lot of elite immigrants from all parts of China during the “Golden Rush” period (1980-2000) of Shenzhen’s fast development (it is also called “Shenzhen Speed” ), thus it is said that Shenzhen has the highest proportion of families that can afford to study abroad, and they are also very open to Western education. It is a very promising market for high school and undergraduate studies in particular. Since it is a highly commercial and industrial city, the demand for business and finance, science and engineering is huge. Shenzhen is very strong in secondary school education, and has a good number of famous secondary schools, like Shenzhen City Secondary, Shenzhen Experimental, and Shenzhen Foreign Languages Schools etc. There are 11 higher education institutes in Shenzhen; the largest provider is Shenzhen University with a student population of over 20,000. A large group of vocational training and executive training programs exist due to the huge demand for industry development.

EIC Shenzhen Office

It was established in May 2002 and has been expanding quickly ever since. It represents the institutes of Australia, UK, Canada, USA, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Starting August 2006, IELTS training program was introduced into EIC Shenzhen’s product portfolio. As one of a few legal overseas education service providers in Shenzhen, the office now offers one-stop overseas education services covering mainstream overseas education providing countries including Australia, UK, Canada, the US, the Netherlands and Ireland. The services involve school admission, visa application, other relevant services, and IELTS training courses.