Why a Dedicated In-Country Representative?

The benefits of China presence are enormous, particularly for any institution with limited brand recognition in China. EIC Group has been accommodating in-country representatives since 2007 and sees the EIC-based representatives as one of the most effective ways of working closer with institutional partners.

Given the regulatory and economic barriers to establishing a permanent Representative Office (RO) or Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China, a dedicated In-Country Representative at EIC provides an innovative and legally compliant platform through which our education partners can be more actively involved in directly delivering their brand message to students in China.

EIC-based in-country representatives bring Partners the following benefits:

Dedicated Marketing Presence

Flexibility to attend the full calendar of EIC marketing events as well as develop independent marketing initiatives to build your institution’s brand in China.

Direct Access to EIC Counselors

Promote your latest programs and opportunities to Chinese students with product trainings, school briefings, and regular interaction with EIC's Student Counselor team.

Target the Chinese Market

Identify potential growth area for the institution and education programs through regular internal consultation with EIC counselors, competitor analysis and market trend reports from regional Chinese markets, and direct access to Chinese students and parents.

Effective Communication

Maintain direct and effective communication between your institution and senior management of EIC, ensuring rapid response and timely resolution of service issues.

Market Adaptability

Identify a wide range of hidden issues in program offerings, admissions issues, student experience, and cultural expectations and advise home institutions on practical solutions.

Lower Costs & Legal Compliance

Placing a dedicated in-country representative at EIC is significantly more cost effective than flying staff in and out of China or funding a stand-alone office. Working with the EIC Education Business Centre ensures your presence within China is legal. All arrangements comply with Chinese legal requirements on employment, taxation, business and operational scope.

EIC has developed three distinct and sophisticated models of in-country representation for our Partners. Please contact the International Office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find the model best tailored to your recruitment needs.