Our History

  • 2000

    – EIC was established in Guangdong.

  • 2002

    – EIC was qualified by the ministry of education, the ministry of public security and the state administration for industry and commerce.
    – EIC opened its first branch office in Shenzhen. It turned into a branch company in 2005.

  • 2003

    – EIC established its first Test-Prep School in Guangzhou.

  • 2005

    – By setting up branches in Jinan and Wuhan, EIC stepped out of the south of China and started to expand all over China.
    – EIC established another Test-Prep School in Jinan.

  • 2006

    The first overseas branch of EIC was established in Sydney. EIC Australia has opened four offices since then. The Adelaide office was established in April 2011, the Melbourne office in December 2013 and the Brisbane office in August 2017.
    – EIC established another branch in Beijing.
    – EIC Guangzhou branch began to assume the function of the headquarter.
    – EIC established a Test-Prep School in Zhuhai.

  • 2007

    – EIC established branches in Shanghai, Nanjing and Changsha.

  • 2008

    – EIC established its Xiamen and Qingdao branches.

  • 2009

    – EIC established Dalian, Shenyang and Chongqing branches.

  • 2010

    – EIC Xi’an and Zhengzhou branches were established.
    – EIC established its Test-Prep Division.
    – EIC established a Test-Prep School in Beijing.

  • 2011

    – The headquarter of EIC Group and its Global Admission Division moved to Beijing, indicating that EIC had fully adopted a collectivize management system.
    – EIC Hong Kong office was established.
    – EIC Ningbo and Hangzhou branches were established.
    – EIC established its Test-Prep Schools in Nanjing and Chongqing.

  • 2012

    – EIC Chengdu branch was established.
    – EIC Test-Prep Schools were established in Changsha, Xiamen and Chengdu.

  • 2013

    – EIC established a Test-Prep School in Hangzhou.

  • 2014

    – EIC applied a new brand strategy, “To be a trust-worthy international education institute” became the vision of the company.
    – EIC Education acquired the New Pathway.
    – EIC released its High-end American universities admission consulting product the Prestige Only.
    – EIC Fuzhou and Tianjin branches were established.
    – EIC Test-Prep Division developed a hybrid teaching system based on the application Prepsmith.
    – EIC established a Test-Prep School in Wuhan.
    – EIC’s sub brand Learning Tree, which focuses on youth English training, began to operate independently in Shanghai.

  • 2015

    – EIC Education put forward a quality-centered strategy to pay more attention to service quality, to abandon the image of an intermediate, and to transfer into a global education institute.
    –EIC Vancouver office was established in Canada.
    –EIC expanded its branches to Shijiazhuang, Nanchang, Kunming , Yantai, and Zhuhai.
    –The Business Unit of EIC Study Tours was established. It then released 30+ international study tours with 6 main benefits in 10 countries.
    – Managers and consultants joined the management investment plan by investing in Asia Education Company Limited, the holding company of the Group at the time.

  • 2016

    – EIC Toronto office was established in Canada.
    – EIC established a Test-Prep School in Ningbo.
    – The Business Unit of EIC Academy was established. It is a sub brand which focuses on the operation of international schools, global education collaboration, language skills, international foundations, pathway programs, quality education etc.

  • 2017

    – EIC promoted a strategic transformation “from consulting to planning”.
    – EIC Manchester office was established in the UK.
    – EIC Changchun branch was established.
    – EIC established a Test-Prep School in Yantai.

  • 2018

    – “EIC International Talent Ability Framework” and assessment system were officially launched. The product and service is centered in improving the international competitiveness of students.
    – With customer-centered business strategies, the service system of EIC Education was upgraded, and the concept of value, trust, transparency, and caring was put forward.
    – The Business Unit of EIC International Curriculum K12 Tutoring was established, which provides in-country tutoring of international courses for 3-18-year-old students.
    – IC International Education Planning Institute was established, to provide integrated university admission consulting services for American students and it was regarded as a forward-looking project to implement the “consulting to planning” strategy.

  • 2019

    – EIC Nanning and Taiyuan branches were established.
    – EIC Montreal office was established in Canada.
    – EIC launched a new corporate value of “I Care”, which means caring about customers, caring about colleagues and caring about yourself.

  • 2020

    – Marking its 20th anniversary, EIC Education is embarking on a new phase of development of its corporate history.

  • 2021

    – The launch of EIC i-Consulting WeChat mini-program
    – Establishment of EIC Hefei, Suzhou and Haikou offices