Our Technology

Technology Empowerment

Striving for a technology-driven approach to learning which leads to superior learning effects, EIC Education continues to launch various intelligent tools, such as EIC i-Consulting WeChat Applet, EIC i-Prep WeChat Applet and online.eickaopei.com which is an online course site.

· EIC i-Consulting WeChat Applet

Based on more than 20 years of service and content accumulation of EIC, EIC i-Consulting WeChat Applet provides comprehensive information and services for study abroad people through case studies of hundreds of thousands of international students, presenting new policies, updates and interpretations of major rankings, and providing a large selection of live and recorded videos of study abroad. Many Chinese students who are studying abroad have been invited to write "Survival Tips" for different institutions.

You can use various tools in “i-Consulting” to conduct targeted assessments, and can get an in-depth overview of study abroad through the college database, major database and study abroad reports. You can also use your points to redeem your favorite study abroad gifts in the Points Mall.

Customers of EIC can also view the entire service information through “i-Consulting”. “I-Consulting” brings a new experience to Chinese students studying abroad, with more than 100,000 registered users to date.

EIC i-Australia Consulting Wechat Applet

Based on nearly 20 years of service and content accumulation of EIC, EIC i-Australia Consulting Wechat Applet have multiple functions for Chinese students, offering Australia's comprehensive study service and providing three practical tools including the online assessment for overseas study, learning ability evaluation, and Australia skilled immigration points calculator. We are regularly updating the latest information on studying in Australia, first-hand information on Australian institutions, strategies for studying and living, practical information on immigration and visa, etc.

You can earn points by registering or purchasing EIC i-Australia Consulting services, participating in activities, etc., and you can redeem your points for a variety of generous gifts.

· EIC i-Prep WeChat Applet

EIC i-Prep WeChat Applet contains a lot of practical content,including test preparation information, how-to videos, Jijing guides, test books, etc. . It equips with tools such as the home-school system "SAMI", AI speaking practice, word memorization, exam collection, actual mock exams, online tests, etc., showcasing standardized and systematic consulting tools and service progress, providing various points rewards and supporting the exchange of beautiful gifts, empowers students and parents to prepare for exams and study abroad applications.

1. Practical exam information: view exam information, exam predictions, live exams and exam preparation videos anytime and anywhere.

2. Smart Home-school Assistant: Online class schedule viewing, material prep, homework submission, teacher correction, and study reminders.

3. Exclusive study tools: easy to handle the memorization of the words that fit the main course and align with the test, and improve the efficiency of oral practice

4. Convenient service tools: quick response to the online consultation and processing services, play points mall to exchange good gifts

· online.eickaopei.com

To accelerate the transformation of the online and offline integration teaching mode, EIC Test Preparation launched the platform for preparing study abroad exams – “EIC Test Prep Online"/ online.eickaopei.com. With the goal of "good courses, good teachers, good service", EIC Test Preparation gathers high-quality teacher's resources online and offline and teaching research strengths altogether to sort and update the three major course systems: "Study Ability Preparation Course", "Study Abroad Standardized Test Course" and "Study Abroad Academic English". The course products cover IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and other mainstream standardized exams for studying abroad . At the same time, it also provides an exam preparation platform including model test and practice system, live and recorded courses, and downloadable study materials for international students.

“EIC Test Prep Online"/ online.eickaopei.com empowers teaching, learning, testing, evaluation and practice services as a service chain. Also, it can effectively meet the needs of students for online distance learning, personalized learning guidance and score improvement.